One thought on “Kabukicho Love Hotel 2015 Kabukichô Love

  1. Francis – Thank you! Glad you enjoyed it. Here is prlabboy the best place to find out what I’m doing, though twitter’s not bad as well. In the autumn, I’m going to get round to doing a proper web site, with a mailing list. J – Thank you! I was pleased they kept the Sir Humphrey bit in. Simon – Thank you! And nice work on today’s Mitchell and Webb!Piques – Quite. There’s reporting the news with the spin of your publication’s particular political stand-point; and then there’s cynically lying to your readership to sell papers, whatever the consequences on the community. Stu – Same news as before, I’m afraid: it’s going to happen, but not before the new year.Richard – Thank you! Deano – Yes, we amused ourselves for half an hour in the Now Show office trawling through that site and reading the best bits out to each other. I liked the one that pointed out that a badly organised canoeing trip was unlike a game of conkers. Sounds like a Victorian riddle. ‘Because one is a Kayaking Muddle, and the other’s a… no, can’t make it work’


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